[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập động từ khuyết thiếu should trong tiếng Anh (Phần 2)

Đề bài

Bài 1:

Write a sentence (beginning in the way shown) that me the same as the first sentence
1 “I think it would be a good idea to see a specialist”, the doctor said to me.
The doctor recommended that I should see a specialist.
2 “You really must stay a little longer”, she said to me She insisted that I ……………….
3 “Why don’t you visit the museum after lunch”, I said to them I suggested that …………………
4 “You must pay the rent by Friday”, the landlord said to us. The landlord demanded that ……………..
5 “Why don’t you go away for a few days?”, Jack said to me. Jack suggested that …………….

Bài 2:

Are these sentences right or wrong?
1 a Tom suggested that I should look for another job. OK
Tom suggested that I look for another job. ……
c Tom suggested that I looked for another job. ……
d Tom suggested me to look for another job. ……
2 a Where do you suggest I go for my holiday? ……
b Where do you suggest me to go for my holiday? ……
c Where do you suggest I should go for my holiday? ……

Bài 3:

Complete the sentences using should + the following ask be leave listen say worry
1 It‘s strange that he should be late. He’s usually on time.
2 It‘s funny that you …. that. I was going to say the same thing.
3 It’
s only natural that presents …. about their children.
4 Isn‘t it typical of Joe that he …. without saying goodbye to anybody.
5 I was surprised that they …. me for advice. What advice could I give them?
6 I’
m going to give you all some essential information, so it‘s important that everybody …. very carefully.

Bài 4:

Use the words in brackets to complete these sentences. Use if should ….
1 I‘m going out now. If Tom should phone, tell him I’ll call him back this evening. (Tom/phone)
2 I‘ve hung the washing out to dry on the balcony. ……………. Can you bring the washing in, please? (it/rain)
3 I think everything will be OK. ……………. any problems, I’
m sure we‘ll be able to solve them. (there/be)
4 I don’
t want anyone to know where I‘m going. ……….. just say that you don’t know (anyone/ask) Write sentences 3 and 4 again this time beginning with should:
5 (3) Should ….. , I‘m sure we’ll be able to solve them.
6 (4) …….., just say that you don‘t know.

Bài 5:

Complete the sentences using I +should +the following buy keep phone wait
1 “Shall I leave now?” “No, I should wait a bit longer.”
2 “Shall I throw these things away?” “No, …. them. You may need them.”
3 “Shall I go and see Paul?” “Yes, but …. him first.”
4 “Is it worth repairing this TV set?” “No, …. a new one.”

Đáp án

Bài 1

2 I should stay/ I stay/ I stayed a little longer.
3 they should visit/ they visit/ they visited the museum after lunch.
4 we should pay/ we pay / we paid the rent by Friday.
5 I should go/ I go / I went away for a few day.

Bài 2

1. b OK
c OK
2. a OK
b wrong
c OK

Bài 3

2 should say
3 should worry
4 should leave
5 should ask
6 should listen

Bài 4

2 If it should rain
3 If there should be
4 If anyone should ask
5 Should there be any problems
6 Should anyone ask

Bài 5

2 I should keep
3 I should phone
4 I should buy

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