[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập động từ khuyết thiếu Can, Could, be able to trong tiếng Anh

Đề bài

Bài 1:

Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible otherwise use (be) able to
1 Gary has travelled a lot. He can speak five languages.
2 I haven‘t been able to sleep very well recently.
3 Nicole …. drive, but she hasn’
t got a car.
4 I used to …. stand on my head, but I can‘t do it now.
5 I can’
t understand Martinn, I‘ve never …. understand him.
6 I can’
t see you on Friday, but I …. meet you on Saturday morning.
7 Ask Cathernine about your problem. She might …. help you.

Bài 2:

Write sentences about yourself using the ideas in brackets
1 (something you used to be able to do)
I used to be able to sing well.
2 (something you used to be able to do)
I used ………………..
3 (something you would like to be able to do)
I‘d …………………..
4 (something you have never been able to do)
ve ………………….

Bài 3:

Complete the sentences with can/can‘t/could/couldn’t + the following:
come eat hear run sleep wait
1 I‘m afraid I can’t come to your party next week.
2 When Tim was 16, he …. 100 metres in 11 seconds
3 “Are you in a hungry?” “No, I’ve got plenty of time, I ….”
4 I was feeling sick yesterday. I …. anything
5 Can you speak a little louder? I …. you very well.
6 “You look tired.” “Yes, I …. last night.”

Bài 4:

Comple the answers to the questions with was/were able to
1 A: Did everybody escape from the fire?
B: Yes, although the fire spread quickly, everybody was able to escape.
2 A: Did you finish your work this afternoon?
B: Yes, there was nobody to disturb me, so I ………….
3 A: Did you have difficulty finding our house?
B: Not really. Your directions were good and we ………….
4 A: Did the thief get away?
B: Yes. Noone realized what was happening and the thief …..

Bài 5:

Complete the sentences using could, couldn‘t or managed to
1 My grandfather travelled a lot. He could speak five languages.
2 I looked everywhere for the book but I
couldn’t find it
3 They didn‘t want to come with us at first but we managed to persuade them.
4 Laura had hurt her leg and …. walk very well.
5 Sue wasn’
t at home when I phoned but I …. contact her at her office.
6 I looked very carefully and I …. see somebody in the distance.
7 I wanted to buy some tomatoes. The first shop I went to didn‘t have any, but I …. get some in the next shop.
8 My grandmother loved music. She …. play the piano very well.
9 A girl fell into the river but fortunately we …. resue her.
10 I had forgotten to bring my camera so I …. take any photopraphs.

Đáp án

Bài 1

3 can

4 be able to

5 been able to

6 can

7 be able to

Bài 2

2 I used to be able to run fast
3 I‘d like to be able to play the piano
4 I’
ve never been able to get up early

Bài 3

2 could run
3 can wait
4 couldn‘t eat
5 can’
t hear
6 couldn‘t sleep

Bài 4

2 was able to finish it
3 were able to find it
4 was able to get away

Bài 5

4 couldn‘t
5 managed to
6 could
7 managed to
8 could
9 managed to
10 couldn’t

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